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An Exquisite Culinary Experience In Each Bite!

Looking for a personal chef in South Florida? Look no further! We have been serving Miami Dade/Broward county for 9 years. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most exquisite culinary experience in the comfort of their home or venue of choice. We take pride in our attention to detail, hand-selected / high quality ingredients and dietary specifications tailored to each customer. Have an event coming up and need catering? We offer professional catering services for any event or location. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest. Contact us today to secure a date for your service needs.


Past Customer Reviews

Mark Lafleur

Head Chef

I became a Chef because I love good food and intimate dining experiences. The choice was a natural fit since I grew up in a household that cooked and hosted functions regularly.

My knowledge was earned working in high end private clubs, restaurants, and catering companies after finsihing culinary school. Each opportunity taught me the refined aspect of the industry.

After several years of earning my stripes I left the traditional industry to serve those who want a restaurant experience in the comfort of their home. This shift allowed me to make personal connections with the people who ate my food and explore my creativity as a chef.

Wendell Eriste

Head Chef

My passion for cooking has been a lifelong journey that I hope to share with each client.

Much like the majority of chefs I spent years working in restaurants and private clubs slaving away over a hot stove! I was unfulfilled and had zero connection with the happy customers raving about a dish I prepared. This is why I left restaurants and focused on working in private residences.

Today I am proud of my work, fulfilled by the challenge of meeting my clients needs, and ready to feed the world one meal at a time!